Lucas Mitnick a.k.a W4R3W07F

PLAYER: Parasite™
GM: Cal Godot

CAMPAIGN: Postmodern Horrors
PC: Lucas Mitnick a.k.a W4R3W07F
SUMMARY: A young “Hacker Kid” in a world of Postmodern Horrors, with Cyberpsi powers and way too much time on his hands! 
CP: 236

DESCRIPTION: At first glance, Lucas looks like your typical, everyday angsty teenager. Dressed in ripped jeans, retro t-shirt, hoodie, sunglasses and sneakers. Standing 5’2″, weighing approximately 110 pounds, with long black, unkept hair and a smirk on his face.


BIOGRAPHY: Born and raised in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, near the intersection of Beverly and Poinsettia, on Sept 21st, 1990 to parents, Louis and Linda Mitnick. Lucas has been given a home-school education, that basically consisted of endless online courses and the occasional visit from a State inspector, who checks in on his progress and comprehension of the subject material. Unable to legally work at his age, he lacks any responsibility, or direction in life.

Lucas’s mother works for Kaiser-Permanente, as a health insurance adjuster and his father is an investment adviser at Bank of America (Status 0, but have a Comfortable level of Wealth), and they live comfortably in their modern 2006 tri-level home. Living in his parents basement, coming and going as he pleases, he tries to avoid them at all costs, which isn’t that hard to do. Workaholics, his parents are away, well over 60 hours a week, whether it’s for work or their yearly vacations, he hardly see’s them. Unless he needs something, typically money. They tend to give it readily, in place of love and support, and even that often comes in the form of a distant wire transfer. Otherwise, he gets by on an allowance of $520 dollars, which is automatically deposited into his bank account on the 1st of each month.

Since early childhood, Lucas has shown, for a lack of a better word, a ‘supernatural’ knack for operating computers. Spending most of his formative years, hanging out in chat rooms and communicating through online forums, with other “computer enthusiasts” like himself. While perusing through the Dark Web one day, trying to find information on various conspiracies, he made contact with an anonymous hacker collective, the Techgnosis Network ( Surprised by his sudden appearance in their networks, he was dubbed with the online moniker, ‘W4R3W07F’, for his unique ability to almost physically take over hardware. Able to digitally transform and impose himself like some sort of lycanthropic beast, running through the net.

Lucas doesn’t quite understand his unnatural ability with computers, and isn’t all that concerned with how he he’s able to do it. As he’s yet to come across anyone else who can compare to his talents. He knows he can do things others can’t, but beyond that he has no way of explaining his “Cyberpsi” powers. So he keeps it to himself, for fear of exposure, and compromising his online Secret Identity.

HACKING-STYLE: Lucas is not a malicious hacker, but neither is he virtuous. If he could download a car, he’d do it, in a heart beat. Even if the only reason is, because he can. He tends to keep a low profile, staying off of social media. And never giving out confidential information online. Knowing that if he gets caught by the authorities, he risks not only imprisonment, but possibly becoming a guinea pig, to some top secret government experiment. If his powers are ever discovered.

Lucas is more of a Social Engineer, when it comes to his approach on hacking. Using his research skills and Netrunning abilities, he personally gathers all the data he can, before often reaching out to his contacts.

EMPLOYMENT: Lucas works with a freelance paranormal investigation team, currently without pay… And monitors the Steel Snake Brotherhoods, marijuana grow, viewed remotely from his PC glasses. Earning $600 in cash a month.



PLAYED: 09/20/16 - 01/17/17

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