Cilantro Divo Bravado

PLAYER: Parasite™
GM: Cal Godot

CAMPAIGN: It Doesn’t Pay to Be A Murderhobo!
PC: Cilantro “Divo” Bravado
SUMMARY: Half-Elf, Bardic-Mage Jester turned Adventurer.
CP: 300/-55

DESCRIPTION: Divo’s eyes are green with gold flecks and his hair is golden-blonde, but he dyes it red and styles his dread-locks into the shape of a Fool’s Cap. He is tall for a human, and short for an elf, often making him stand out in either human or elven society. As if his pointy ear, wild red hair, garish makeup, and dress didn’t already.

His usual manner of dress is a Jesters jumpsuit, of clashing colors. His already pale skin and face painted white, with red diamonds over both eyes. The colors may vary depending on his mood. He’s painted himself this way, for most of his life.

Divo wears a saber, large throwing dagger, and a quiver of arrows on either hip and reflex bow-harp strewn across his back.


BIOGRAPHY: Ex-Royal Court Jester and Wizard, to the late, evil Queen Fifnador of the Pomeranians. Now unemployed, looking for new work, fortune and adventure. He makes his way across the country-side, performing at festivals, carnivals and inns.

Divo is temperamental, with his attitude, manner, philosophy, dress and accent, all subject to change depending on his mood. He is quick-witted, but his jokes may rely on some enigmatic reference few in the world would understand. Once, during a botched performance at a royal ball, his left ear was cut off. He keeps his damaged ear covered with his hair.

Though capable of discussing any subject, he often does so in a rambling manner, that is difficult to follow. It is at times difficult to know if he is telling the truth or another one of his far-fetched stories.

Divo doesn’t involve himself with politics and intrigue internationally. He affects the world on a much more personal level. He fully believes that people should find out the truth for themselves, never merely accepting what is told.

ABILITIES: Divo is self-initiated in the magical arts, but his magical aptitude is masked by his buffoonery. He doesn’t follow any magical tradition, but he has a strong hermetic bias. He is a swordsman, showman and wizard adept. While not fully immortal like his elven ancestors, Divo boasts quite a lengthy lifespan, and is already pushing 80, but doesn’t look a day past 23.

“When Fate taps you on the shoulder, you’d best pay attention. Unfortunately, she has the blasted habit of tapping you on the opposite shoulder, so that when you turn around she’s actually on your other side, giggling like a deranged schoolgirl. I hate that.”

PLAYED: 01/24/17 - present