RIFTS: Lotanthraxus M Slithe


PLAYER: Parasite™
GMKermit B.

CAMPAIGNRIFTS: Survival Horror [Hard Mode]
PCLotanthraxus M. Slithe (Lotan)
SUMMARY: “Shifty Lizard Wizard!
ALIGN: Miscreant

RACE: Lizard Mage – Lord of Magic, Shifter/Bio-Wizard
OCC: Shifter/Bio-Wizard
LVL: 002/000


Before you stands an eight foot tall, fiery bronze scaled, lizard man. his head framed by horns and spikes, with piercing emerald green eyes staring back at you. His raspy reptilian voice hisses and crackles as he speaks.


Lotanthraxus Slithe was entombed deep beneath the earth, in an ancient lizard mage temple. Frozen in time by arcane magic, in a magic circle, hidden from the world. Until Mr. Lizarro and his crew of reptile and dino henchmen unearthed him, while hunting for ancient artifacts.

Since his return to the world, Lotan has befriended Mr. Lizzaro in order to learn more about the world, and how much has changed during his centuries of isolation, while he regains his memories and power. Mr. Lizarro has loaned him a Triceratops as a steed, in order to get around.

While buried under the ancient ruins of the lizard mage temple, the magic wards and circles protecting him were damaged by the shifting of tectonic plates, and failing of spells. Damaging his mind, causing a mild case of amnesia.

He now seeks out powers stronger than his own, to perhaps return his memories to him, and along with it, return his lizard mage powers to their full glory!

GOALS: Regain his power, while obtaining more, in order to enslave this region, establish control and expand outward.


ATTR: IQ: 26 (+12%), M.E: 22 (+2/+4/+1), M.A: 11, P.S: 20 (+5/1000lbs/2000lift), P.P: 10, P.E: 19 (+8%/+2), P.B: 9, SPD: 7 (7.5mph/12kmh)
HP: 100 (+40 per level) [LVL2]
NAR: 60
SDC: 100
HF: 13 (+1 every 2 levels) [LVL2]
PPE: 454 (RCC: +5d6 per level/ OCC: +2d6 per level) [LVL2]

NATURAL ABILITIES: Keen Vision, Sharp Hearing, Warm-Blooded
COMBAT: 5 Attacks per Melee, Physical, Magic or Psionic.
BONUSES: Strike +4, Parry +4, Dodge +4, Save vs All Magic +4, Circle/Ward Strength +3, Initiative +2
DAMAGE: Bite: 2D6 SDC, Claw Attack (Restrained): 4D6 SDC, Punch (Full Strength): 2D6 MD, Punch (Power): 4D6 (Counts as Two Attacks)
MAGIC: (AMNESIA: Power Words, Wards, Circles of Protection, Various Circles of Summoning and Power, Spells [8 spells from each level of magic 1-8. 3 each from levels 9-15], Possess the Secrets of Rune Magic.)

PSI: Major Psionic
ISP: 280 (+1d6 per level) [LVL2]
PSI POWERS: 1 HEALING: Bio-Regeneration, , 2 PHYSICAL: Nightvision, Telekinesis, 3 SENSITIVE: Intuitive Combat, Presence Sense, Sixth Sense.
RACE ABILITIES: (AMNESIA: Read Mystic Symbols, Wards & Runes, Recognizes Enchantment, Recognize All Magic Circles: 98%, knows all magic words, circles of protection, circles of dimensional travel, and summoning magic (circle and spell).)
SKILLS: (AMNESIA: Six additional languages (literate in all): 98%, Recognize Magic Items, Recognize Precious Metal/Stones: 80%.)

LIFESPAN: 18,000 Years on Rifts Earth, because the magic energy keeps rejuvenating them. Normally, without their preservation circles and time distortion through dimensional travel, they live 180-400 years.
HABITAT: Anywhere, Anytime.
ENEMIES: Elves (AMNESIA: Dwarves)
ALLIES: Evil creatures of magic and supernatural forces (like Werejaguar). Also uses humans and other intelligent beings as his pawns.
SIZE: 8′ (2.4m)
WGHT: 300 (136kg)
NOTE: The lizard mage becomes an SDC creature immediately upon returning to the Palladium World or most any world where magic energy is less.

*AMNESIAItems marked, AMNESIA” are abilities removed from the template due to over-power.


98% Language: Lizard Man
50+15% Language: Dragonese/Elven (+3% per level)
50+15% Language: Spanish (+3% per level)
40+30% Literacy: Lizard Man (+5% per level)
40+20% Literacy: Dragonese/Elven (+5% per level)
50% Language: American (+3% per level)
30+20% Astronomy & Navigation (+5% per level)
45+15% Mathematics: Basic (+5% per level)
25+20% Lore: Demons & Monsters (+5% per level)
15+20% Lore: Dimensions, Special: The study of various dimensions. Those knowledgeable in this skill will have studied several different dimensions and will know such things as Hades is the home to demons and what demons live there, Wormwood is referred to as the Living Planet, and Phase World resides in the Three Galaxies where the Naruni and Splugorth are known to trade, among other odd tidbits as they relate to various dimensions. Extremely alien dimensions may impose anywhere from a -15% to -50% skill penalty, while places the character has personally visited on three or more occasions provide a +15% skill bonus. (+5% per level)
25%+15% Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic (+5% per level)
25%+15% Lore: Magic (+5% per level)
+15% Assassin

+2 additional Skills at levels 3, 6, 9 and 12.
45+05% Communications: Radio: Basic (+5% per level)
32+05% Espionage: Intelligence (+4% per level)
30%/20%% Horsemanship: Exotic Animals (+5% per level)
25+02% Rogue: Prowl (+5% per level)
30%/20%+05% Science: Archaeology (+5% per level)
30+05% Technical: Excavation (+5% per level)
35% Spelunking (+5% per level)
??%+??% W.P. Type? (+?% per level)

1.) INITIAL SPELL KNOWLEDGE: The Shifter’s focus of mystic knowledge is on spells to summon and control supernatural creatures from the Rifts, as well as control over the Rifts.
(08) Calling
(15) Call Lightning
(20) Compulsion
(20) Constrain Being
(1000) Dimensional Portal
(05) Energy Bolt
(10) Energy Field
(30) Exorcism
(07) Repel Animals
(180) Re-Open Gateway
(02) Sense Evil
(04) Sense Magic
(10) Trance
(10) Shadow Meld
(50) Summon & Control Canines
(70) Summon & Control Rodents
(12) Sustain
(20) Time Slip
(06) Turn Dead
(10) Tongues

Shifters are students of magic whose emphasis is mastery over the Rifts, at least in regard to opening dimensional portals and summoning creatures from beyond this earthly veil. Shifters deal with supernatural beings (good, selfish and evil) that are strange and terrifying to people.

Evil Shifters tend to be cruel and ruthless, willing to make a “deal with the devil”, as they say, to get what they desire. And tend to enslave beings they summon, have little to no regard for their well being.
The art of Shifting is one of the most dangerous and corrupting of the mystic arts. For one thing, even a mere mortal is able to summon and command supernatural beings – Demons, Deevils, Elementals, Spirits of Light, Faerie Folk, Entities, Ghosts, Spirits and a host of other creatures. It is a heady feeling to command even lesser supernatural beings, for even the lowliest is ten times more powerful than the average human and calls upon magic and dark forces beyond the veil. The ability to bend such beings to one’s will, often leads to delusions of grandeur and exaggerated self-importance.

Associating and communicating with these dark souls often leads to a distorted and dark view of the world. After all, these vile creatures are governed by base emotions and thrive on sorrow and pain.
Consequently, they encourage ruthlessness, cruelty, revenge and hatred. They are only too happy to act on the Shifter’s behalf to inflict terrible vengeance, pain, destruction and death in his name. Most supernatural beings, especially demonic ones, loathe being summoned and enslaved. In the process, they hope to corrupt the Shifter or do things in such a way as to cause him pain, and destruction. Many a demon delights in effectively turning the Shifter to wickedness, making him one of their own! Such are the innate dangers of Shifting and Summoning magicks, and why they are feared discouraged and often persecuted.

The Shifter’s Focus of Mystic Study: is understanding how ley lines and nexus points work, including how to use them for trandimensional travel and the summoning of supernatural beings. Unlike the Ley Line Walker and most students of magic, the Shifter is not so much a vessel for magic energy, but rather a conduit and stimulus that agitates, activates, controls and directs the energy around him. For example, he can ignite a ley line nexus point to surge and open a Rift, but he does not expend the energy from inside himself, but rather causes the energy around him to react – boil, if you will – to create a reaction.

Likewise, a Shifter draws upon the P.P.E. of those around him, channeling it create magical effects. This “drawing” of energy can be done by willing cooperation from henchmen or supernatural beings, called forth from a Rift, or involve blood sacrifices in which an evil Shifter draws upon the doubled P.P.E. energy released at the moment of death to work his magic. This use of taking and using ambient and stolen energy contributes to the sorcerer’s title of “Shifter”, for he ‘shifts’ the magic energy from one source to himself or to another, and uses it to later or shift reality. When a dimensional portal is opened, it shifts reality, causing it to open a door to a conflicting or alien existence, turning or shifting the veil of reality to meet his needs and desires.

While Temporal Raiders and Temporal Wizards are, arguably, the masters of dimensional travel and time magic, Shifters are the true masters of the Rifts. They are one of the few, that actually embraces the idea of dimensional travel, but they also exert their influence over dimensional beings/travelers, and supernatural creatures who wander the Megaverse using dimensional portals and bridges. This expands the range of power and influence of the Shifter beyond that of others through the addition of inhuman minions and servants who make their range of knowledge and experience available to their Shifter master (assuming they are loyal and can be trusted).

No group of dimensional travelers should be without at least one Shifter, because they can read and control the very Rifts to take them to specific worlds and places unknown. Shifters are so in tune with dimensional portals and alien dimensions they are visiting, they get a wealth of knowledge, from the type of the dimension to its various quirks. A Shifter’s knowledge is also unsurpassed when it comes to dimension lore and knowledge of dimensional travelers, monsters and anomalies.

The Shifter’s focus is on dimensional travel, the energies that create Rifts and the creatures who travel from one dimension to another. As a result, the Shifter’s spell knowledge leans towards spells that summon, control and influence others, deal with channeling and controlling energy, and dimensional travel.

Starting at level 2, the Shifter can choose one spell from the list on UE:121, plus 1 Protection or Summoning spell also on that list. In addition, the Shifter can select one non-dimensional related or control based spell, but they are limited to spells equal to or less than the Shifter’s current level of experience. For example, at third level the Shifter is limited to spell invocations from levels 1-3.
The Shifter can still purchase and learn spells in the same manner as other magic users, though they rarely do, and tend to spend their spare time studying dimensions and monsters.

Shifters are innately attuned to dimensions and dimensional energies. After a few minutes of concentration (1d6+2 mins), a Shifter is able to tell the type of dimension (whether it’s an Infinite, Parallel, or a Pocket Dimension), how dense the dimensional fabric is (weak, permeable, strong or impenetrable), if the dimension or world can support human life, whether it is rich or poor in magic, artificially created (like a Pocket Dimension of a dragon or god), and any type of unusual characteristics of the dimension that might be evident, all just by “reading” a connecting Rift/dimensional portal linked to that dimension or by meditating shortly after arriving to a new world. Base Skill: 35% +5 per level of experience.

When reading a dimensional portal, the Shifter will get a sense if the Rift will soon close, if it was opened deliberately or is a random occurrence, and if random, how frequently it opens to this particular world (often, seldom, rarely). Also sensing any dimensional anomalies that may be attached to the portal and if any dimension spanning monsters or demons presently in or near the Rift. This information, however, is rolled separately under this Dimension Sense skill, and the player must indicate that his character is doing this aspect of the reading. The Shifter’s success ratio is -10% from the base skill percentage.

Shifters can also use their Dimension Sense to detect when dimension type spells are cast. This can be a big edge in combat especially when confronting another Shifter. First, ‘Dimension Sense’ must be rolled at the Shifter’s normal skill level during combat. This uses up one melee attack as the mage momentarily opens himself up to the dimensional energies. Successful roll means the Shifter will detect any dimension based magic (including Teleports, opening of portals, etc…) that occurs during that melee round, and if he sacrifices one melee attack per round, he can detect such magic ib subsequent melee rounds for up to one minute per level of the Shifter.

If dimension magic is detected, the Shifter who senses it can try to alter the course of the spell. For example: If another Shifter is trying to escape by creating a Dimensional Portal or Re-Open Gateway spell, the Shifter senses it and can try to redirect the magic by overriding himself. This requires both mages roll 1d20, high roll wins, defender wins ties. If the Shifter’s roll is greater in his magical duel, he wins, and can alter it to close or lead ‘someplace else’, or to remain open so he too can go through. But to do any of that, he must also spend the same amount of P.P.E. to override the dimensional magic and for the spell to do as he commands. In the case of a Teleport spell, he can have the person or object appear right in front of him, or at some other specific location (inside a vehicle, a prison cell, etc…), but not into solid matter or anything that could kill the subject.

NOTE: The Shifter can never stop or cancel the dimensional magic, only change/redirect it. Each use of magical redirection is the equivalent of casting a spell and uses up two melee attacks (and P.P.E.). If the Shifter rolls low and fails to override the dimension magic, he spends half the P.P.E. required to cast that spell and fails to change the outcome. Once the spell has been altered, it cannot be changed back. Overriding and control of magic spells only works on dimension based spells – spells that alter warp space and or time, or which open dimensional portals/provide dimensional travel – not any other types of spells or magic.

The Shifter’s most powerful ability is to open a dimensional gateway. For the base cost of 125 P.P.E., a Shifter can create a one-way dimensional portal permitting only himself and his familiar to pass through it. Each additional 25 P.P.E. The portal will remain open for one minute (four melee rounds) at most, and the P.P.E. cost must be paid up front. As many as five people can pass through the Rift every melee round, so long as they don’t waste time. This, however, can become very expensive for the Shifter: 20 people = 125 P.P.E., +20 people in one minute (at a cost of 25 P.P.E. each) = 600 P.P.E.! The Shifter cannot designate specific people to go through, so an enterprising stowaway can jump through the portal and thus deny another person passage. This cannot be done to the Shifter unless he is physically restrained and prevented from stepping through the Rift. The Dimensional Travel ability can target the Shifter’s home dimension, a random dimension, or a dimension visited by the Shifter at some time in the past. See more: UE:122

A Shifter can open a micro-Rift, just small enough to send a message or a small animal familiar through. This is typically how a Shifter contacts an Alien Intelligence. The Rift is pretty stable unless opened on a Nexus point, it is no larger than a grape-fruit. See more: UE:122





+4 Save vs HF at level 1, +1 to HF at levels 2, 5, 9, 11 and 15. +1 Save vs Magic at levels 3, 7, 10 and 13. +1 to Spell Strength at levels 4, 7, 10, and 13. +3 to Save vs Possession and Mind Control at level one an additional +1 to save at levels 5, 10 and 15.

11.) P.P.E.:
The Shifter is a living battery of mystic energy.
2d6x10 plus P.E. attribute number (79). +2d6 P.P.E. per level.
The Shifter can draw additional P.P.E. from ley lines, nexus points, his demons, blood sacrifices and other willing participants. See #12, Link to the Supernatural.

Shifters seeking the fast path to power may link themselves to a supernatural force to get it. See more: UE:122

Lizard Mages are a fearsome species of Lizard Man, that stands about 8 feet tall, has a short tail, a dragon-like appearance and dinosaur feet. Their scales range from a beautiful gold or silver, to a bronze and their eyes are a glittering, emerald green. Unlike most lizard men, Lizard Mages are warmblooded. Demonstrating an example of the logical evolution of theropod dinosaurs, had they not perished on Earth, millions of years ago.

Legends say that the lizard mages were among the first rulers of the Palladium World, possibly even during the Age of Chaos. The legend suggests that the lizard mages were second in power only to the dreaded One Ones, and that it was they who created the Elven race! Legends also credit these creatures of magic to be the masters of time, preserving themselves by traveling to other dimensions or placing themselves in a state of suspended animation in magic circles of great power. Circles not known to humans and their kin.

Lizard Mages possess great mystic knowledge and are known to use their magic to explore many alien worlds. They were among the most feared and powerful beings to ever walk the Palladium World. During the Age of Chaos, thousands of these reptilian lords were hunted down and destroyed. Thousands of others escaped to other dimensions, where some prospered and others perished. Still others were frozen in time by arcane magic, never known by elf nor man, and are still found, time to time, slumbering peacefully inside a magic circle hidden deep in an ancient ruin or underground tomb.

Curious about science, magic, the supernatural, and most importantly of all, power. All of these are elements which have attracted lizard mages to Earth. In the magic rich environment of Earth, they are transformed into powerful creatures, that pulse with supernatural powers, like they did during those long forgotten eons past, when the Palladium World was seething, with a multi-dimensional ley line nexus.

Once they have acquired a position of power or feel that they can easily overpower those around them, they can be surprisingly friendly, easy-going, and helpful. Frequently, they offer their aid to inferiors humanoids, while figuring out the new and strange world around them. This is always a temporary allegiance, subject to other, more attractive opportunities. There can be no denying the extreme egotism of the lizard mages. They tend to treat most other races as subordinates, servants, or slaves. Only supernatural intelligence’s and occasional dragon or so-called godling is accepted as an equal. Ultimately, every lizard mage craves supreme knowledge and absolute power. This often leads to an attempt to conquer those around them through force and intimidation.

Seldom satisfied with fleeting power, they desire world domination. However, when the stakes get too high and their lives are threatened, they graciously abandon that particular ‘game’ (and often that world) to pursue some new game of conquest and domination elsewhere. Or to study, or explore some other part of the world for a century or two.

Surprisingly, they have little concern or interest in regards to the survival of their own race and exhibit great disdain toward one another. Nor are the lizard particularly interested in the activities of other lizard mages, unless those activities interfere with their own scheme. These beings make great villains, always suave, sophisticated and conniving.


                          PLAYED: 03/02/17 - 03/16/17