RIFTS: Daxim Spectre

Daxim_Spectre_03PLAYER: Parasite™
GMKermit B.

CAMPAIGNRIFTS: Survival Horror [Hard Mode]
PCDaxim Spectre (Dax)
SUMMARY: “Died in the Wool”, Bastard Soup Killer
ALIGN: Anarchist

RACE: Quick-Flex Alien (D’Bee)
OCC: Momano Headhunter (Mind Melter)
LVL: 002


In mid-air floats what appears to be a typical bi-pedal human. He hovers in place silently, legs folded, wearing combat boots, camo pants, tactical vest equipped with an assortment of gear, and bomber jacket underneath. His face is concealed by some sort of gas-mask helmet apparatus, with red-orange tinted lenses. Both of his arms at each side, outstretched, holding the prana mudra gesture with each finger-less gloved hand. When he talks his voice sounds muffled and digitized by his helmet and the speaker crackles intermittently

At first Daxim seems pretty calm and collected. Although the more time you spend around him, the more his eccentricities show, and his apparent, Quick-Flex D-bee’ness begins to stand out. His speech becomes quicker, his movements more erratic, the longer he stays in one place. He often mitigates this anxious energy with cannabis use, meditation, and a few mantras he picked up while training with the Momano Headhunters.

When out in the field, in addition to his special optical helmet, he dons his light Techno-Wizard body armor, armed with a variety of TW devices, weaponry and jet-pack.


Daxim Spectre is a Quick-Flex Alien, D-Bee Demon Hunter. Born to a Human (Minor Psionic) father, Jaxim Spectre and Quick-Flex Alien (Rogue) mother, Dahlia Scaramoush. Fleeing war torn North America as a child of 10 years old, Daxim’s parents raised him in the Canadian Free State of Lazlo. Unfortunately, his older brother Jaxon (16 at the time) was left behind in the pursuing turmoil. Upon arriving in Lazlo, his father got a job working in the Lazlo City Municipal building mail room. His mother spent most of her time with him, teaching him what she knew, and would leave in the evenings to run errands when his father returned home from work.

Growing up in The City of Lazlo, Daxim never quite fit in being a D-Bee. Regardless, he made the best of it, staying out of trouble as much he could. He had many acquaintances, and very few close friends. He spent a lot of time wandering the outskirts of Lazlo, and wondering where his brother could be, and if he’d ever see him again. As a teen, in order to help with family expenses, he’d submit to laboratory testing done solely on D-Bee’s. In order to learn more about their physiology, which often required him to sign a waiver. As far as he knows, there have been no negativeside effects.

As Daxim grew older he was recognized by the Momano Headhunters, for his incredible, reflexes and ambidexterity during a pickup game of Slaughter Ball (a popular sport and past-time among the Momano Headhunters, at home and away on missions). He passed the initial tests and was recruited, joining begrudgingly; for the the first time ever he felt like he finally belonged somewhere. He wasn’t the only D-Bee among them, which made the transition into the Momano Headhunters a little bit easier.

Momano Headhunter training was physically and mentally excruciating, but not wanting to be rejected, on top of his hope of one day finding his brother Jaxon, his relentless determination unleashed latent psionic potential from deep within. Upon a full evaluation by the Lazlo Psi-Corp (LPC), it was determined he possessed the abilities of the formidable Mind Melter.

“It’s said that a mere 2% of D-Bee’s have ever been known to obtain such phenomenal psychic power. Then again, no D-Bee had ever been pushed this far before, and felt so strongly about a cause they believed in. Being the cocky, resourceful, D-Bee that he is, he fits right in with most Mind Melters, and their arrogant, condescending ways”. – Psi-Squad Commander, Zidane Delacroix, Momano Headhunter

While not the most studious, he was an excellent combatant. Later stationed at Fort Condor, where he trained Momano Headhunters, in their special OPFOR (Opposing Forces) unit. Tasked with playing the part of enemy combatant, in training exercises for units that rotated in and out of the Fort, on their way to the field. Most units do a rotation at a major training center every couple of years, Momano Headhunters assigned to OPFOR units conduct major training rotations every month. Resulting in their practicing the deployed and combatant lifestyle for weeks at a time, several dozen times per year.

After putting in his served time with the Momano Headhunters and putting in several tours, he decides to make the trek back to North America and the Coalition States on a tip about his brother Jaxon’s whereabouts. With his parents blessing, utilizing his Momano Headhunter training, he heads South, to rid the States of Soupies and find his lost brother.

Daxim’s favorite past-time is American Mahjong, he carries a set of tiles with him wherever he goes, looking for a chance to play, wherever he stops. Has a love for tattoo’s but cannot decide on what he wants to get, plus he has a slight fear of needles… He’s also sacrificed cybernetics, or TW bionics, instead relying solely on his Quick-Flex D-Bee reflexes and speed.




The Quick-Flex Alien are common to North America, particularly the Mid-West, with an estimated one-million scattered around the country. They love adventure, and fast moving vehicles! Roughly as fast as a Juicer or Crazy, they make excellent gunmen, snipers, assassins, thieves, pilots and acrobats. Not particularly fond of magic, they prefer to rely on their natural physical prowess and innate ability.

Very few Quick-Flex are known to have psychic powers; often unlocked through some sort of post-traumatic event. Their short attention spans make complex skills and studies difficult to master (-10% to all OCC related skills). This attention deficit makes studying magic impossible. Bionics and cybernetics slow Quick-Flex Aliens down and they will


avoid them at all costs, with the exception of flesh-like bio-systems, in the case of damaged organs or missing body parts. Quick-Flex Aliens tend to be thrill-seekers who enjoy a fast pace and taking risks. A bit hyper and jumpy, they can’t sit still for more than 1D4 hours, and are easily bored (WB30:169).

In as much, Quick-Flex Aliens avoid extreme types of augmentations, such as Juicer or Crazy conversions, and full bionic reconstructions. As well as professions that require a lot of studying; preferring to work with their hands. While Juicer and Crazy conversions work on the Quick-Flex Alien, life expectancy after the augmentation is 25% less, because of their unusual physiology.

Same as human except for hyper-activity, ambidextrous, enhanced reflexes, double-jointed, high metabolism, great running speed and can leap 8′(2.4m) high or lengthwise from standing still! Add 4′ with running start.

“It appears that Quick-Flex Aliens females are able to mate with Human males, but always produce Quick-Flex Alien off-spring. Where as Human woman, do not seem to be able to become impregnated by Quick-Flex Alien males. The Quick-Flex Alien have been on Rifts Earth now for several decades, and have produced several generations of off-spring since their arrival. It’s also noted that not unlike their human counterparts, the turbulent energies given off by the Rifts, may be having a similar effect on their physiological and biological makeup. In either case, they seem to thrive and adapt to their environment.” – Lazlo Chief Medical Adviser, Bruce Hopkins, MD


Attacking Soupies with their own tools? Heh, heh, that’ll teach em’. I don’t care what they say, ’bout Techno-Wizard weapons, I love ’em. Nothing better to cleave up demons. Nothing!” – Unknown

Momano Headhunters are trained to eliminate supernatural and unearthly threats. Creatures they’ve nicknamed, “soupies” – slang for, “supernatural” beings.

“Momano” is a title taken from the Japanese language, by a division of Headhunters that specialize in tracking, fighting and disposing of demons, monstrous D-Bees, infernal monsters and the supernatural.


They’ve made their presence known by acting as heroic champions, demon slayers, and cocky mercenaries for hire in remote and hostile areas of the continent. Most commonly encountered around the ruins of Detroit and Windsor, Calgary, the Magic Zone and the territories once known as the Northern US and Southern Canada.

“Moes’ break the typical headhunter credo that magic is evil, bad, dangerous or untrustworthy and use Techno-Wizard devices and occasionally other types of magical weaponry, in their fight against evil. They are quick to recognize the influence of magic, such as ley line storms, enchantments, illusions, charms and possession, as well as behavior that helps them identify their supernatural adversaries.

Trained in anti-magic countermeasures, including the identification, assessment, tracking, tactics and methods of destroying the supernatural and creatures of magic. Combating inhumans and demons is the Momano Headhunters specialty.

Scholars in matters of the supernatural, the Momano make it a point to know their quarry. Their first mission is the study of supernatural creatures, paranormal occurrences, places of magic, ley lines, nexus points and megaliths. Furthermore, the Momano tend to be very philosophical, including a rudimentary knowledge of ancient Eastern philosophy, like Buddhism, unusual for most warriors of any kind.

It’s not uncommon to see a Momano who has a passion for art, writing, poetry (Haiku is a favorite), botany, bonsai, or playing games such as chess, Go or mahjong.

They are unshakably loyal to friends and family, and will never betray anybody whom they’ve given their word of honor or have befriended, even under threat of torture or the pain of death.

Ironically, their philosophical, scholarly side combined with their sense of honor and dedication, tends to alienate them from other men at arms. Many soldiers and warriors (as well as people in general) see them as “oddballs” who they can not quite put a finger on. The Momano Headhunter’s fearless, casual, matter of fact attitude toward the supernatural only adds to their troublesome oddness. Many folk believe them to be a little crazy. How else does one explain the demon hunter’s cavalier attitude, smiles and joking manner, when they are marching out to face some unspeakable supernatural evil?

Although not required to be a Momano, approximately half of them possess some measure of psychic ability. Most are Minor or Major psychics, but some are Bursters, Zappers, the occasional Nega-Psychic, or Mind Melter!


The Mind Melter (MB:112) is the most powerful and feared of all psychics (they are one of few that can draw powers from all psychic fields). The Mind Melter doesn’t need a machine or outside energy to fuel his powers, nor does he need to rely on years of magical study and training. No. His powers come from within. They come from his mind, are created at the speed of thought, and are fueled by his willpower and desires.

Like most psychics in the world of Rifts, the Mind Melter relies more on his super psychic powers than education or anything else. The most terrifying power of all, is the Melter’s ability to influence and control the minds of others. It is this power of mental manipulation from which the name, Mind Melter, is derived.

Mind Melters are forbidden entry into all Coalition cities. Their strong psychic essence is easily detected by Psi-Stalkers and Dog Boys, and they are always pursued by them! They are driven from the Burbs and always considered “armed and extremely dangerous” wherever they are encountered.

Mind Melter Momano Headhunters are a hybrid Master Psionic, possessing all special OCC psi-abilities, initial ISP amount, and level one psionic powers. However, all OCC bonuses and additional ISP are halved, and new psionic powers limited to one lesser power per level, or one Super-Psionic Power every two levels. Due to interference and a lack of mental discipline and focus from cybernetics/bionics. Furthermore, to use TW Bionics, they have to expend an extra 30% PPE or ISP, plus range and duration of said mystic weapons will be halved!

NOTE: Duration, range and damage inflicted by psionic powers of a Psychic Momano Headhunters (or any psychic character with more than three implants or one bionic limb, other than a bio-system) are reduced by half, and are obliterated by full or near full bionic conversion.

Mind Melter


Multi-Optics Helmet (M.O.H): Special optical enhancement system built into a protective helmet (links into Jet Pack and Armor), with short range radio and walkie-talkie communication systems. RANGE/VISION: 1600′ (480m) Infrared Optics System, Targeting Sight, Thermo-Imager, Ultraviolet System, can see in darkness, shadows and through smoke, 2 mile (3km) Telescopic Monocular Lens, BONUS: +1 Strike, ranged, COST: $3,600

Wilk’s Jet Pack: Small personal jet pack, backpack harness, capable of sustained flight, TYPE: Jet Pack, CREW: 1, SPD: 120mph (192 km), ENGINE: Electric, RANGE: 800 miles (1280km), SIZE: 3′ (0.9m), WGHT: 45lbs (20kg), MDC: 20, SDC: 40 – Main Body, WPS: Can use normal weapons in flight, COST: $50,000

NE-C20 Camouflage Variable Armor with built in Naruni Force Field: Light and durable, full-environmental suit of combat armor with fiber-optic material that changes colors to match environment, 1D4 melee (15-60 sec), -20% detect concealment and ambush, +5% Prowl (40% without prowl, don’t move), masks infrared and thermal emissions/invisible to infrared/thermal optics (21% chance show on thermal systems, even then image is unusual), WGHT: 28lb (12.6kg), MDC: 80/+110 with Force Field active, SDC: 160/240 (DUR: 8hr/E-Clip), MOBILITY: -5% prowl, COST: $225,000


Daggers, Silver, X2 (1 tucked into Combat Boot, 1 tucked into small of back.)

Vibro-Spikes, Silver-plated: Retractable, blade edged spike vibro-blade (attached to Armor), DMG: 2D6 MD, COST: $500, X2



Alter Aura (Self)
See Aura
Sixth Sense
Mind Block
3 Sensitive:
Intuitive Combat (WB12:39)
Empathy (MB:121)
Remote Viewing (WB12:41)
3 Physical:
Deaden Senses (WB12:37)
Levitation (MB:117/WB12:?)
Summon Inner Strength (MB:118)
3 Healing:
Bio-Regeneration (MB:115)
Resist Fatigue (MB:116)
Suppress Fear (WB12:36)
3 Super:
Bio-Manipulation (“the Evil Eye”) (MB:124)
Hypnotic Suggestion (WB:125)
Telekinetic Force Field (MB:112)

3 Sensitive:
Object Read (MB:122)
Presence Sense (WB12:115)
Machine Ghost (WB12:39)
1 Super:

2 Physical:
Telekinetic Acceleration Attack (WB12:37)
1 Sensitive:
Telepathy (MB:123)
1 Super:
Psi-Blades (MB:126)

2 Super (Only): Psionic Invisibility (WB12:42), Telemechanic Mental Operation (WB12:44)

Two psychic powers from any categories, here on: Electrokinesis (MB:124), Psychic Body Field (WB12:43)

                          PLAYED: 03/16/17 - present